Reasons for Owning a Jute Area Rug

If you are looking for a way to add a bit of texture that is exotic to your living room or bedroom, don’t worry.  You can easily accomplish that with an area rug that is made from natural jute fibers.  You might have heard of jute being referred to as ‘hessian’.  Jute is a long fiber that is sort of veggie-like.  It is spun into strands that can be found commonly in burlap.  Rugs that are made from jute are typically hand woven and they are beautifully organic additions to any home décor.  Here are just a few reasons that getting a jute area rug can be a magnificent choice for your home.

  1. No matter which room you put a rug made from jute in, it will instantly add more texture to it. When you get ready to add a touch of uniqueness to your floors, a jute area rug can be the optimal way to do this.  You can use a jute rug in any room in your home, and even in the entryways.
  2. Jute area rugs are quite durable. The fibers they are woven from are extremely thick.  Because of their natural brownish hues, stains do not show up easily on them.
  3. Natural fiber jute rugs are ecofriendly. Yes, you can go out and pay through the nose for an area rug that was created using machines, but why do that when you are able to keep your carbon footprint small by getting a stunning rug that has been made from materials that are renewable?  Rugs that are made using natural fibers add a touch of raw but stylish texture to any décor and when you decide that you are ready for a change, they are both recyclable and biodegradable.
  4. Jute area rugs mesh well with any type of décor. Regardless of whether your style is contemporary or vintage, area rugs that have been made from natural fibers such as jute can be that perfect final touch to bring the whole look together.


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