Natural Home Rugs has the Carpet Treads Your Stairs Need

It goes without saying that hardwood floors can be gorgeous.  They are durable and add charm and warmth to your home.  That being said, there are some areas in your home where carpet might be a better option.  Your stairs are one such place.

Stairs can be a dangerous thing.  People slip and fall on them all the time.  This can lead to serious injuries and even death.  While installing carpet treads on your stairs might not totally prevent these accidents, it can both soften the landing and lessen the frequency.

Natural Home Rugs offers you a variety of options when you are looking for stair treads.  All of their stair treads are made from natural fibers, which means that by using these, you will not only be adding style and safety to your home, you will also be reducing your carbon footprint.

Deco Custom Sisal Stair Treads

These are a great option and they are available in 18 different color options.  They have been hand crafted using 100% all natural sisal.  Sisal comes from the agave plant.  They are friendly to the Earth and are backed with latex to give you that non – slip surface that you need.  Sisal is a fiber that is quite durable and that makes it an ideal choice for high traffic areas such as stairways.  These stair treads will protect your floors as well as yourself and can add traction to slick stairs.


Beach Seagrass Carpet Stair Treads

Seagrass is a plant that grows in water and can be found in the rice paddies of Asia.  This means that it is both eco – friendly and resistant to stains and spills.  These stair treads are made right here in the USA and have been made by the hands of an artisan rug maker.  They are resistant to static too, and fantastic for use in high traffic areas.  Having treads such as these on your stairs can protect them from wear and tear.

Those are just two of the myriad options that Natural Home Rugs has when it comes to stair treads.  You can get pre – made stair treads or have them custom designed to your specifications including materials used, color options, and borders.  Protect yourself, your family, and the investment that is your stairs while adding style with stair treads from Natural Home Rugs.