How to Clean Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass rugs are remarkably easy to clean and to maintain. Their reed-like fibers don’t absorb stains or spills unless you let the rug soak in liquid for several days and we can’t imagine you’d ever do anything like that.
For most owners, you’ll be able to keep your seagrass rug looking like new with just a few passes with the vacuum as you do your regular cleaning. This will keep dirt from building up on the surface of your rug, making it look dingy or discoloring it.

When you vacuum, make sure to vacuum from both directions: left to right, and top to bottom. The way that seagrass rugs are woven means that they have raised edges throughout the weave, and if you only vacuum from one direction, you will likely miss quite a bit of dirt that is trapped under those raised edges.

While vacuuming should be sufficient for your seagrass rug for years, natural home rugs like ours are sure to last for a very long time, sometimes you may want to do a more extensive cleaning at some point. Here are a few tips to clean your seagrass rug without damaging it.

  • For fresh stains, simply blot. Seagrass doesn’t absorb stains easily, so you can usually blot up a stain without any trouble with a paper towel or a clean rag. Don’t scrub; you’ll only work the liquid deeper into the weave.
  • For difficult stains, blot with cleaner. A small amount of mild detergent or carpet shampoo can be blotted on and then blotted up again with a clean damp cloth. Do not use lots of water! Soaking the rug will damage it. Just a small amount will do the trick. Dry the spot with a hair dryer afterward.
  • See a carpet cleaner. For smaller seagrass rugs, such as an area rug, you can bring your rug to a dry cleaner if you would like an overall extensive cleaning that won’t damage the fibers. Make sure you bring it to a trusted drycleaner – you don’t want your beautiful natural seagreass rug damaged by an untested one!

A word of warning: Never, ever use a steam-cleaner or wet shampoo on seagrass rugs. Seagrass is a natural fiber and if exposed to the amount of heat and moisture in a steam cleaner, it will warp. It will also damage the fibers themselves, making them weak and possibly breaking them. Avoid at all costs!

If you’d like a beautiful, stain-resistant natural seagrass rug for your home, please feel free to browse our collection and contact us with any questions you may have. Enjoy!