Area Rugs that Aren’t Worth the Money

We have all seen them.  They are everywhere.  I am talking about area rugs that are not worth the money.  They can be found in department stores, home improvement stores and even in discount stores.  Some of them even look good.  The problem is that they are made from synthetic materials and as such, they will not last as long or even keep their good looks for long.   Sure, they might be affordable now, but what happens when you have to replace them in a few months or a year?  Buying them over and over again is simply a waste of money…especially when you can get an area rug that is far superior.

Let’s take a quick peek at two words here before we go any further.  Cost and price.  Price is what people will pay for a good or service.  It is generally the number on the price tag.  Now, for the type of rugs we were just talking about, this might be a relatively low number.  Cost, on the other hand, is what the total investment is over a period of time.  This means that the area rug you just purchased for the price of $100 and that will need to be replaced once a year will cost you $1,000 over the whole 10 years.

Now, let’s talk about area rugs that are worth the money and are lower in cost.

Natural area rugs are made from natural fibers.  This immediately means that they are friendlier to our environment.  They also come in custom colors and sizes.  You can get one in nearly any color you like, any size you need and any shape you want.  They might be a bit pricier at the outset, but their cost through the years is much lower because they will last longer and look better for longer.  They are known for being durable and for having a long life.

There are specific natural fiber rugs that are great for use in any of the traffic areas, be they high low or medium traffic areas.

Seagrass rugs are incredibly durable and meant for use in high traffic areas.

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Sisal is another extremely strong fiber and rugs made from this material are ideal for medium traffic areas.  They also absorb humidity, so they can assist in making a room cooler.

nhr_blog204262016 - 173157Jute rugs are perfect for low to medium traffic areas.

All of these fibers are naturally sustainable and will give you a longer life than synthetic materials.  They will also be easier on allergies and can be used as a focal point in any room they are placed in.

If you are tired of wasting your time and money, head on over to Natural Home Rugs now to see all of the styles, sizes and colors of natural rugs that are worth the money.