Accentuate the Elegance of Your Home with a Sisal Rug

Many people are consciously trying to become more environmentally friendly.  For this reason, sisal rugs are a fantastic option when you are looking for a way to add a touch of elegance to your home.  Sisal comes from the agave plant and the leaves of this plant are used for the production of fibers.  This means that when you get a rug that has been made from sisal, you are getting one that is all natural.

Adding Color

If you are in a living situation in which you are prevented from painting your walls, or maybe you just aren’t that adventurous when it comes to colors, you can add the color any room lacks with an area rug.  Rugs made from sisal can give you just the pattern or splash of color that a neutral room is crying out for.  You might use the rug as the point the eye will be drawn to in a room, or you might even choose the other accents and wall colors based on the color of the sisal rug you have selected.

Adding Comfort

It is a fact that area rugs can add that extra bit of comfort to any home.  When you have wood or linoleum, or indeed, any type of hard flooring, it can add a touch of warmth too.  You will be able to enjoy not having to constantly wear slippers in your home.


Measure the area where you intend for the rug to go.  The rug should be able to fit nicely in the room without it taking up all of the floor space in small rooms or looking like a postage stamp in a larger room.  If you are going to be putting the rug under some of your furniture, make sure that it is of an appropriate size so that when you push a chair out slightly – as with a dining room table or even a desk – the chair legs should remain on the rug.  This ensures that the legs of the chair won’t drag the rug.  If you want a round rug, it is best to place these under light fixtures and then arrange any furnishings around the rug.

Area rugs made from sisal can add style and comfort to any home.  Head on over to Natural Home Rugs to choose from their huge selection of sisal rugs today!